Well Pump and Tank Services

Well Pump & Tank - North Jersey & Southern NY

NO WATER? Low Water Pressure? Dirty Water? We provide 24/7 EMERGENCY Well Pump Service in North Jersey and Southern New York (Hudson Valley, NY).

Submersible Pump Installation & Service

Submersible well pumps are located in the well. We supply both shallow and deep well services using only 100% stainless steel pumps with a 5 year guarantee. We also install complete water systems including system design, trenching, underground conduits, and operation.

Well Tank Installation & Service

Although you may have water pressure in your home, that does not mean your well tank is working properly. Many well tank issues are not noticed until there is total water loss and serious damage is done to the well pump.

Variable Speed Pump Systems

A variable speed pump, also referred to as a "constant pressure pump", is a newer technology. This type of system is electronic and will make your water pressure similar to a city water system. This cost efficient system is preferred when water usage needs are great, such as larger homes, farms, plant nurseries, factories, etc.

Well Pump Maintenance

Properly maintaining your well pump can prolong the life of your pump and help keep it running efficiently. Some signs that it's time to schedule a well pump check-up include low water pressure, discolored and/or foul tasting water, air coming from faucets, or no water at all. If any of these situations occur, call us immediately to schedule our well pump maintenance service and repair.

If water pressure starts very strong and falls off to a much weaker pressure, a problem with clogged piping can be the issue. The water supply pipe is usually blocked by some form of crud or debris which reduces the actual diameter of the pipe, causing a reduction in water flow rate even if the starting water pressure is good. There is a big difference between water flow rate (how many gallons per minute are coming out of a faucet) and water pressure (how hard is the water pressing inside the pipes and fixtures).

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