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Looking for well drilling services in Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417? Slater & Accurate Well & Pump provides Franklin Lakes, NJ residents with geothermal and irrigation well drilling, well yield testing, and much more.

At this time we are only drilling water wells in New Jersey (NJ).

In order for us to start your well drilling project in Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, we typically require only a survey that identifies the closest septic system. Drilling a standard well usually takes about 3 days, and the permit process and municipality regulations can add 1-3 weeks to the completion time (emergency situations may be expedited).

Water Well Drilling - Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

With our vast experience with well drilling in Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, we are capable of providing precise cost estimates and completion schedules before we start drilling. Our Franklin Lakes, NJ well drilling experts handle all aspects of the new well installation, including securing the necessary permits. We maintain a well-equipped fleet of drilling machinery and accessories, which assists in obtaining accurate measurements and keeping your site clean and safe.

New Water Wells Drilled in Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

In Franklin Lakes NJ many homes have their own potable water source, which is their water well. Over time residential water wells can fail for reasons such as lack of production, contamination, or poor water quality. Many wells drilled in the Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 region in the 50's, 60's, and 70's were drilled to a much different code than we have today. Therefore, they tend to be more susceptible to contamination, surface water, or poor water quality in general. In many cases the old well will be decommissioned and abandoned according to local Franklin Lakes, county and NJ state codes, and a brand new well will be drilled.

Deepening of Existing Franklin Lakes Water Wells

A low yielding well is a nuisance! But we can deepen existing water wells in Franklin Lakes NJ 07417 to provide a better water yield, and more than likely encounter a satisfactory amount of water to supply your home. You can also use this water to irrigate your lawn, fill your swimming pool, and much more!

Water Well Drilling - Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

Irrigation Well Drilling in Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

Trying to irrigate your lawn using Franklin Lakes water can be costly, especially if you have a large yard. It may be wise to drill a well solely for irrigation. Depending on the size of the property you are trying to irrigate, drilling an irrigation well may save you money in the long run. Most customers make their money back within 10 years of drilling the irrigation well, not to mention it is a great selling point for the sale of your home in the future.

Industrial & Commercial Water Wells Drilled

At Slater & Accurate we provide well drilling services for Franklin Lakes NJ industrial and commercial customers in need of a great demand of water, such as factories, chemical plants, and nurseries, just to name a few. We can also customize jobs by including services such as dust suppression and golf course retention ponds.

Water Well Yield Testing in Franklin Lakes NJ 07417

It is wise to know the yield of your well before you do any major renovations to your Franklin Lakes home or property. Well yield is rated by gallons per minute. If your well doesn't have a good yield it may not support a large family, multiple bathrooms, or an irrigation system. We can perform a yield test in one day.

Franklin Lakes NJ Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal heating and cooling is recognized by the EPA as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost effective space conditioning system available today. Geothermal drilling is a service provided by few well drilling companies. Slater & Accurate provides open and closed loop geothermal drilling in Franklin Lakes NJ 07417. We can also install the heat pump system for an open loop, or install the permanent geo loop for your closed geo system. And we can work with your HVAC company or engineer to design and install a geothermal system that can take care of all your Franklin Lakes heating and cooling needs.

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Contact Slater & Accurate for well drilling in Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Call us at 973-728-WELL or email us. We are available to help you 24 hours a day!

Water Well Drilling - Franklin Lakes NJ
Water Well Drilling - Franklin Lakes NJ
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